Why domain is important

Having your own domain name makes your company look professional and 88% of Europe and North America are using the internet.


Having your own domain name indicates you’re part of the Digital Revolution, and it implies that you’re up-to-date on emerging technologies. Having your own domain name might just put you ahead of your competitors.

Internet presence

If you don’t own your domain name, you’ll have to take a new URL, which will destroy the branding that you built up with your first address.

Walk-in business

If you decide to register a domain name that matches the concept of your business you might draw Web surfers in search of that topic.









Domain Blog

Information about domains

Hello Domain Seeker!

Welcome to Domain Mall. Our first blog post will arrive here at 29.04.2019 What we have for you: Memorable domain names. Domain news. The benefit of having the domain. New domains here (Subscribers are first Read more…

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