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What domain name is the best for my business

This is a question that is asked every day by thousands of people. It does not only make your company look professional but gives also credibility. Depending at what kind of domain you choose. Let`s look at what is the best domain for you?

You already have a business but you are not on the internet or you have a great idea for an online business.

First of all you have to register a domain name. Selecting the right domain is crucial because it could be the difference between your business success and failure.

If it comes to the length of your domain, remember shorter is better. Top 10 websites have approximately 5-6 characters in their domain name.

Also if you look top websites in the world you will see that one big thing they have in common is that they are all easy to spell.

Your visitors should be able to type your domain name without a problem. And of course, it must be easy to pronounce and memorable. Once they have seen or heard your domain name, probably they will come back to your website.

Do I use creative brandable name or keyword in my domain?

A brandable domain name is unique and stands out from the competition, but using a word that has no clear association with your company`s products and services, here is one problem.

It creates the challenge of potential users don`t know what is your company all about. This means that you probably have to spend a lot of money on marketing before people start to get to know you. One note, Google like brands and gives more credit for them, because they “USUALLY” don´t put out poor content.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google says “Brands are solution, not the probleem …. brands are how you sort out the cesspool.”

Using Keywords can help to improve your SEO. If you choose to use keywords, put the keyword at the beginning of your domain. Where they will be most powerful for your ranking.

Also you can use keywords in the middle and in the end, but there they performing less. WARNING: You need to be careful here to not use words that aren`t relevant to your business. As a result, your site won`t get much of authority points.

Example: if your website is about plumbing, don`t use something like, because it may get a lot of clicks, but it affects your authority and misleading people.

Use instead:
(town related)
(24/7 service) (if you have a store)

You can check the domain availability in Godaddy or Bluehost.

There are so many options available, but you have to choose
wisely when you choosing your domain, think long-term.

Meantime you come across some of acronyms like

  • TLD (top-level domain) such as com, net, org, live, etc. are the highest level of domain names of the Internet.
  • ccTLD (country code top-level domain) like .uk (United Kingdom), .au (Australia), .cn (China).
  • SLD (second-level domain) such as,, etc.
  • And other acronyms like gTLD and so on.
  • You can read it here about domain name

When you choose your domain extension, you should know that .com is still the best, because it is most familiar and easiest to remember.

So it doesn`t matter if you have another domain extension, you still can rank high on google search and get lots of visitors every month as long as it is memorable + relevant content on it.

Avoid these mistakes!

  1. Try not to use hyphens, because people will forget that. Example:
  2. Same with numbers. Example:
  3. Some companies offer you shop platform which is convenient, but you have a little control over that shop and you get a subdomain. Example:
  4. Before you buy the domain you have to check if there are any trademarks already registered to the name.
  5. When buying a domain you choose a period how long you want to keep it. I assume for a long time, then don`t forget to set your domain to auto-renew to avoid losing it, so you don´t have to built it all over again.

Why domain for me then I can market through social media?

This is a great question and I see how so many people doing
wrong here. I like to point out Michael Cyger (at DNAcademy) words then he
explains that on youtube.

“If you use social media networking sites for your business, you face a huge risk of losing your company`s entire reach. Instantly and no warning.”

“Social media giants such as Medium, Facebook and Twitter are powerful tools for marketers. But you have no control over changes they make. When content display rules are altered, you risk wasting time, money and effort because you can`t reach your hard-earned audience the way you once could. You may not even be able to reach them at all.”

Even more

“Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium and Facebook have all significantly changed their rules in the past year, hurting thousands of businesses and making it less a question of “if” your business will be affected and more a question of “when”. Understanding, this is key to taking control of your audience and your brand. Focus on what you own, which starts with your domain name.”

“Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter bring many benefits for businesses. They allow companies to reach millions of potential customers anywhere and anytime, through ads and content. With 2.23 billion active users per month, sites like Facebook are hard to ignore.”

“Businesses find millions of potential customers all in one place with social media. They are easier to interact with too: users are in a comfortable environment, so following or engaging with your company brand is easy. It`s the reason why more than 70 million businesses have dedicated Facebook page.”

and continues

“Yet social media sites come with big risks. Businesses have no control over how interactions are managed. At any time, the number of people who see your branding efforts and the way in which they see them can be completely changed.”

“This is particularly true for businesses who ONLY have a business Facebook page, such as coffee shops and restaurants. By placing all eggs in one basket, you open up your business to a lot of risks.”

“Relying on third-party social media websites and networks to grow your reach makes you 100% vulnerable to losing your entire reach. Go ask MySpace or Second Life how that worked out for them.”

“Facebook used to allow companies to reach 100 percent of the people who like their page. In 2012, they restricted the organic brand to reach about 16 percent. In late 2013, they restricted it even further. Now, a recent Ogilvy study shows that as little as 2 percent of a brand`s Facebook fans actually see brand posts.”

And suggestions

“Instead of building your business on someone else`s content platform, spend your time building a website and email newsletters list through your domain name, where you ALWAYS have control and set your own rules.”

“The one place that is constant and safe from unanticipated changes – that your customers can rely on AT ALL TIMES – is your own website and your own domain name.”

I would say, build your brand on any social media sites you
want, but direct them through your website and on your website, what is yours.
Then it doesn`t matter if some social site is going down, people still can
reach you.

We have more than 1.3 billion websites on the internet and
there is a good chance that the one you are looking for is taken already.

Research your domain name carefully using domain name
generators, keyword searches, and trademark searches to be sure that it avoids infringing on other existing uses, which could lead to legal action and you need to start over again.

What about my own name domain?

You need to own your name domain and there are several
reasons why.
It is great for personal branding, online portfolio or a hub for
multiple sites you own. Maybe you are doctor, advocate, celebrity or some kind
of public figure, this is a great way to represent you on the web.
Your name domain clearly advocates your authority.


So after domain and before building your website you need a hosting provider for your site. There are lots of providers and I would recommend Godaddy because it is easy to use or Bluehost, because of price. Especially the last one.

I have done several mistakes before and paid a lot of money for that so I hope you are wiser now. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. Any questions, feel free to contact me.